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tv   Newsline  PBS  February 20, 2014 8:30pm-9:01pm PST

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guantc!namo the eye. what sadie with us on this edition of news line it's friday and a twenty first and calf ankle and she and ted camp ukrainians had to suffer through them as violent days in the country since the soviet era. they were waiting to see if the truce would take hold after months of protests the police started firing on demonstrators yemen officials say at least seventy five people have been killed over the last three days. nhk words you speak them one at a point from tx. presenting
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the story and loading them onto this great wednesday that he didn't arrest known protesters and riot police face of a round is clear to us in mind. friday got the green in the morning and that the weather is the view some tories was the fi anime will confess to using sniper rifle demos to it as howard that i am homeless at the quickie post. if there is a low rate than the actual number is even tighter. this was the base had in many seasons of the key if the emperor on the violence done to ease out to the meanwhile tragedies the mall to buy tickets what is right i think people are worried about their security yes it's been a couple of posts. i think presidency an
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incumbent is responsible for resolving the situation. he can't. i hope the test of clinging to a handsome couple all of the bikini i met senior. sarah's this crash is that he did show me the pharmacy the theme for amy's parents from france gemini and apollo around the next phase ten pm called beach. six hours straight then after his own peace means that any common the us president about obama won the ukraine lead us. my lips recognized along with our european partners. there will be consequences if people step over the lot. as i've been writing desk no protesters appeared to be staying with our independence there. use gay coming out and it's here are the key of ukrainians gain their independence from the former soviet union more than twenty two years ago. many still feel the pull of my shout out
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their site you they should move to once you're out. dink was open to a mystical considering the eu. with ukraine is similar to france in terms of population and area if his inclusion will make a big difference ukraine's economic level is still lower right thing but it has definite growth potential. i have a snack or lunch also still on the other hand i successfully establishing a common economic market. they have both former soviet republics hinges on ukraine's participation. he'll call when they did. so it is against russia's interests to just sit by and watch ukraine approach the european union russia can't afford to do that. though. negotiators from a rat and six world powers say they've made a
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good start towards a final deal on the iranian nuclear program. the men indiana and agreed on a basic framework for their discussions. but he conceded they have some difficult work ahead. we've had three very cute today during which it identifies all of the issues we need to address. in reaching a comprehensive and final agreement. there is a lot today. it will be easy. but we made a good start apartments. ashton any means born mr mohammad jem and the need to send delegates will meet again in vienna next month's us and european officials have said to press the iranians to put strict limits on the upa developments. they want the reins to drop their plans to build the heavy water reactor to be like if the agenda should include iran's ballistic missile development program the missiles could be used as delivery systems for nuclear warheads. the ring
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and this is the agenda should only and western nuclear program. negotiators reached an interim deal in november it means agreed to limit their nuclear activities in return for an easing of economic sanctions the delegates say they want to reach a final deal by july the is expected to visit around early next month to prepare for further negotiations. even so it is safe to accept the invitation to spend two days meeting with officials in tehran that is actually say they spent or how disney company stock. the sea then as a reflection of the economy investors refer to them when they make their traits. i don't enjoy the smell from the business and so i got what it must've been pretty busy week for investors in the morning catherine in india concrete example actually of the correlation between but the diane markets of asian stock markets fell and weaker. i've been expected or week i should say china pmi european markets were mixed up on slower than expected data from
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the eurozone and as for the us catherine share prices on wall street rose on thursday and that's as investors were encouraged by upbeat us manufacturing data the dow jones gaining the lead six tenths of a percent to end at sixteen thousand one hundred and thirty three on that day the film on the markets here we go to the lenient the tokyo stock exchange. you mean how are we starting the trading session in tokyo this morning. the morning i value and a positive start at the moment. at the opening levels for friday feathery green tea face. he's on a one point four nine percent at fourteen thousand six hundred and sixty four after he lost more weight than two percent on their state the mix has been posting weekly losses so far in two thousand fourteen but his coyotes are in a positive for this week and a button topics as i am by one point five two percent. so investors are buying shares and the open after the overnight many in the us
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unlike its investor sentiment in the us got a boost after the date is the ad showed that us manufacturing expanded at the fence is peace in almost forty years and facebook shares gained a more again three percent after the company announced that it would acquire more while messaging said the spider and japanese are dying in the area such as market and may take some trees cues from the us that comes after go on the u s shopping website operator please and that the consensus falls for her paintings and now moving on to doctrines he might get to the dollar yen faced only and is now at one hundred and two point three nine two four four compared to the one hundred and one double when he ended it really sessions hearing tokyo on thursday. traders are buying back the dollar as us manufacturing data mentioned on here. he even better than expected and that all three of them as positive economic
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data from asia and europe in us. i know that you're here now. this isn't affecting me that he knew how to proceed on this day was and he could write a consensus plan to mold in your hand is not at one hundred and forty point four nine to fight for the common read some posts this week. yes the beach so we'll see how these moods affect share prices of japanese companies to the ati sounds good to me makes a lot and so far. stock markets are here in tokyo. members of the japanese government panel are divided over an idea raised by prime minister she and so on and they're debating whether his suggestion to lower corporate tax rates will help drive economic growth. private sector members of the council on economic and fiscal policy are pushing to cut the tax rates. they say it will help rebuild the economy. they say germany has lowered its rates but increased its revenue by expanding the taxation base
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they also say make cuts in britain and south korea spurred economic growth and boosted tax revenues. but finance minister kang alonso is cautious about the idea he's calling for a thorough study into the impact of rate cuts on japan's fiscal health so says the us and france have increased their tax revenue without cutting corporate tax rates. council members will make proposals on corporate tax rates when they drop the long term policies in june. negotiators at the trans pacific partnership free trade talks were hoping to wrap up and deal last year but they failed to overcome their differences. delegates will try again this weekend. trade ministers from twelve countries in the asia pacific regions are scheduled to attend the talks in singapore any tables. i still eat up has more. chief negotiators from each of the country's right to call you that we get a head start. d the whole
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weekend intensive meetings before the ministers called for us. he beat the no side has pretended to come to a final conclusion on the tv on the need to do it last negotiators from the printer died when issues such as intellectual property rights this disagreement is content to build the major players in the talks. and i met us up onto willingness to alter the meeting targets. you this site has demanded that i am interested to go because showed industry. japanese officials have insisted on earth exemption for five keep on going. coat the rice and wheat. we're not there yet we would not yet achieved the level of market access for the resolution of auto issues. that said that we need to achieve in order to have a successful outcome
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with japan jeffrey shot is of polish history and negotiate he now serves them. pfizer to recover. he says. us negotiators are facing domestic pressure to maintain their top stars. i think some of the strongest supporters of the pro tree. us policy our agricultural issues that interest and service industries. and so any ppp deal will have to provide additional benefits. in those sectors japanese or shows i've raised concerns that the entire negotiations could fall apart. the two countries can sit in different cities so japanese negotiators have begun to shift gears they're now offering to reduce tariffs on some key because opponents including the phone call. in exchange for so
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called safeguard measures these were no shows to prepaid starts when he pulled such the pity those eyes that he did neither side would design a new key issues that's not a negotiation. i don't think anyone expects things to remain the same as the bin. it will just pop on learning shaw says japanese negotiators might also be able to extract concessions on your site when negotiators say no exceptions. that's a tactic all. in the past there have been instances where there has been partial liberalization and partial liberalization can occur. by the by reducing
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the terrorists by. a large percentage but not eliminating it. participants teams cpt codes cent said they decided to meet some such arguments before us president obama visited in late april they have a tough road ahead. what moves by japan and us i needed to break the press. dd got a nice too. total and the silliness and business news what is our alinghi with a check on markets the eye
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wound. i am. bigger skating fans had seen something they be breaking for forty years i believe this i think allah has brought home the country's first olympic gold medal in women's singles the king khan had finished second in the short program but she reviewed her personal best in the free skate and surpass the favourites canada and south korea. no one gold four years ago in thinking that this time she had to settle for this cell that carried at cost and it really take the bronze those canning cost and save their retiring after the games boss of japan won silver in thing to bear she finally landed a triple axel and scored her first romance but she ended up finishing sixth. she has seen a bunch of new competition since others on the other when freestyle skiers to take turns down the path my neck
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and maddie bowman and the first gold medal in the event's relax hill of sand steal a week the silver and diane allen township and the bronze one as nice as she still can't believe what she's done. in lay on it since they stuck to the full moon the games just as i had to practice. do read my performance these tiny tim was one of the best in my car yet. and then i come to mind i'd be happy that i knew she would do it. i was her members one. her performance went with me. think i listed something new other team had done in olympic history the sale to the competition with out her awesome with eleven victories in all the defeated defending champion sweden six thirty in the final. the british beat the swiss six five in the bronze medal match athletes from norway at
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winning a lot of hard way and he did so again in this point the dominate its nordic combined four athletes from each country make a single jump from the ski hill and based on skis over twenty kilometers. we just finished the job pushing third but they pushed through and ended up winning by just a third of the sec and the germans got this other and the defending champions the austrians the bronze. in this key cars raced down a roller coaster korea said more than a field light found along the way the frenchman got their first medal and events and not just one but all the great john said rick shapiro he won gold. i know but one on the silver and a jonathan the gold prize winning from canada and the us have a stop in every olympic hockey final by one and they met each other again the canadians won their fourth consecutive gold with a three to win in overtime the swiss beat this lead to four three for the brides. no
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we didn't have held onto their lead in the medal standings they had ten goals and twenty one medals overall in that kinda second with eight goals and the most medals twenty five the germans had eight goals among their sixteen medals is just a few days ago and still achieve but there's still a lot at stake and will have updates right through to the closing ceremonies hundreds of families separated by the korean war more than sixty years ago at mac in a tearful reunion then the next five days together at a resort in north conway and eighty two south koreans constantly on thursday accompanied by their family members most of them are eighty or older. this first reunion in more than the instant on for the first under the governments of south korean president of
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the day and north korean leader kim jong un officials in pyongyang and threatened to cancel the event at the south and the year lance went ahead with the annual military drills next week analysts are watching whether the unions will become a catalyst for infant that long between become the acts. dench and sell are ratcheting up in time that as more farmers get frustrated with the government. it hasn't kept its promise to piece some cities for their crops and anti government protests in fact i gained is a sizzling two time prime is seeing much a lot's family in their drive to force her to resign. demonstrators led by former deputy prime minister says and it's time to gather their bank on property development firm owned by my family. can delete and the urban middle class from the core of the anti tax in fact in the one you like to design and eliminate the influence of her older brother of former premier taxation a lot. he now lives in self imposed . me and more
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than ten years talk seemed to want to suck money out of the country in many ways everyone knows that great more than two thousand protesting farmers trip from central thailand to bangkok on thursday in a convoy of foreign vehicles. they want the government to make good on its plans to buy their wives for about forty percent more than the market rates the crowd. we don't go back until we get our money. we've been waiting for for five months. we were running out of food to eat. we would move around. the veto in the middle class say the tax and family has used taxpayers' money to buy votes mimi and pop in a small areas of northern and northeastern thailand. the last day of islam had a good dad i like it. thus caused officials to council voting in nearly twenty percent of the country's electoral districts. i delight in making the schedule called for late april. but on
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wednesday decided to play from voting in most of this constituency until an unspecified date. i'm political divide seemed only to the dpj has academic note that says vowed to topple the government. you can eat tuna was still struggling with fatigue he told its citizens to whom and in increasing the opponents. it repeats. she will come. good news indeed so don't open til tuesday. from boeing the world. the us naval intelligence chief says the chinese commanders may be preparing a strategy for taking the same path islands in the east china sea the package also silence china and taiwan claim them captain james for now the us navy has said that the intelligence and information operations. he mentioned an amphibious exercise people's liberation
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army conducted in southern china last year and offered his analysis. the poa has been given the new task to be loosened up the short sharp war to destroy japanese forces in the east china sea baldwin can play only be expected. a seizure this conference or even the seven regions. tiny slices add in training to improve their ability to land on taiwan but now says they're now working hard and other areas he highlighted two and two sizes they conducted last year. troops trained to block the view as access to chinese colors and bomber crews flew their first reels off the philippines. the japanese government maintains the sink that the islands are an inherent part of japan's territory and turns and history and international law it says there's no tear to issue to be resolved japanese troops died gearing up to defend their country's remote islands personnel will do soon belong to an
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amphibious again. i'll be taking part in a landing email with the u s marines mendoza japan's ground self defense force and training in california a practice landing in rubber boats and they carry vehicles the shore on hover crafts. tissue to form the core of an amphibious big a japanese leaders decided in december to find that creepy with in five years. they want to build it up to three thousand members. now frank stagg and that the weather people and in many areas of the uk are dealing with severe flooding. mine sure she keeps us the latest starring catherine oh well i do wanna tell you that as an infringement of the top pictures are worth a thousand words in the first show you what the situation is in a somerset. this is what you're looking at right now the southern southwestern uk has been said the leaflet is that you can see all of the lot is starting to dry up in many places the situation is not showing any signs of
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improvement. this means companies are currently promising payouts as quickly as possible but looks like the northern regions of the uk will still see lots of rainfall in a significant amount into the next seventy two dollars additional a musket up as much as fifty millimeters. but to the south and the somerset where that picture kind of came up from excited to hang up which is going to be great news so the good of the outbreak which could showing signs of improvement into the near future. but to the west looking very messy with patches on significant rainfall heavy at times central mediterranean me sneeze or have risk of flooding as well as the gusty conditions. and of more snow to the alps with that country's times can be associated with a short break there but it stars ban on either the system will be moving in on your saturday temperature wise. looking at them and this is again in berlin and vienna nine degrees well above the average morris has actually find the single digits but above the average range. moscow also very warm
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for a year and time to be in here across the america s and year eleven in the eastern half which i cannot add vigorous a storm system. this is a low pressure system that's very hurt and it is bouncing over the western great great beasts are the same thing with the heavy snow that has a on the porch of the two tornado touchdowns in illinois so lots of things happening here with an associated cold front is sagging all the way down to gulf of mexico and pulling them none of that unique moisture from the gulf and pulling the northerly acting cool there which means it's going to be making for severe weather which includes isolated tornadoes again it on the way down from knowing and into the gulf of mexico and it's like you're going see a m on the patches of thunderstorms sound at the golf ball size and detail could be happening to us is that freezing rain making it four on treacherous road conditions as well as heavy snow pounding the western great lakes region again about twenty five centimers of additional snowfall oralingn
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should mention is ttg we the one that is calling on the way into the cold front which means that those in the btn that he can find is bringing critical fire weather across new mexico oklahoma and in texas. here in temperatures that it's apparent that it's very warm down here in queues and twenty one degrees. oklahoma city's rising up to eightn as chronic them in the spring night or even someone like almost in the southwest. next year concert eastern continental hsi barren cold it dominates much of this country making it for western and the us and japan. more snow on the thirty centimeters of additional snowfall could be happening at the high pressure system is taking it for me the crayon and drier conditions ices that it's not actually back clear though and be seen for example has this level for your permission me in again. seven degrees korea higher with sunny skies to get nine degrees. they bring in any scene that double digits finally it's only an up
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trend in a hurry had to double this is on your sunday at ten degrees on conservation finally today at brisbane's leading the place and an art contest. i am noon and. i know. age. the road
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i was. it is. the tour. this edition of nice time catching
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